discord-human-bot Created July, 2017

This was one of my first ventures into JS and coding, using a Discord Bot to simply Check a user is 'Capable' of entering the server.

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Maze Launcher May, 2018

As a part of the many projects I worked on for a Gaming Community known as SantosRP/MazeRP, I made a C# program that can pull down the content needed for the game, from a Generic webserver. Closed Source, but available upon request.

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Maze Panel v1 Began April, 2018

Another project worked on for the former Gaming Community known as SantosRP/MazeRP. A web application to allow Moderators within the community to control the web Forums and also modify Game Users. One of my first large scale web projects.

Github Link

IPB-OAuth2-NodeJS-Auth Began December, 2019

After learning more with Javascript and Node, I looked into using OAuth2 to authenitcate users. Looking into Invision Power Board, I learn't that they have added OAuth2 and created a 'base' program to build applications off.

Github Link

Community Panel v2 December, 2019

While the Official Maze/Santos Community has now dissolved, a lot of Spin-off communities now run who could use an updated and secure version of a Panel. This time, using the IPB-OAuth2-NodeJS-Auth base I made prior. Closed Source (for now), Demo Available Below. Get in Touch to talk about it.

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Bromsock November, 2018

Updated the Linux Bromsock Binaries to work with a Newer Version of GMod. Just an Additional Project I learnt about building .dll files on linux. A Small side project I did for my sake to run a server on Linux.

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3D Printing Began August, 2019

Learning the usage of 3D Printing was Something I began in August of 2019. Immediately after learning the usage of the hardware and the software I built a 'Display Case' and linked it to a Pi.

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Terrible-Picture-Maker Created April, 2020

Myself and some friends had a couple jokes about how bad my drawings were, so I made an interactive site to let them use my terrible drawings to make awful pictures. Source code is on Github.